“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”
John Wanamaker, pioneer in marketing

Do you feel like John?

Imagine that you can have all the answers to all these questions:

  • Why is my page not bringing me new customers?

  • Why are people not buying on my site?

  • Why is my online adverstising not giving me more sales?

  • Was my ad spent useful? Where are all these new purchases coming from?

  • Many of my Facebook fans come to my site. However, I don’t get more sales. What’s happening?

How can we help?

How do we make it happen?

1. Set Goals

We need to understand your company’s goals and how they translate into your website and campaigns’ goals. With that data, we will set SMART goals to be our KPIs.

2. Measurement Plan

Once the goals have been set, we will create a measurement plan to make sure to get all the data that we need.

3. Report

We start the measurement process and we deliver you reports of the progress based on the goals and measurement plan.

4. Analyze

We compare the goals progress, gaps and your visitors’ behaviors.

5. Improve

Based on the current goal progress, we will suggest you ways to achieve your goals.

Are you ready to improve your online presence
and achieve your objectives?